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About this blog title

Hi. My name’s Christina. I’ve just started the AIP diet and lifestyle and so far I’m feeling better than I have for a long time. Already, there are amazing blogs out there full of

In fact, there’s so much information out there, it can get overwhelming!

So why another blog on the Paleo Auto-immune Protocol?

This blog is specific for us living this side of the Atlantic.  It

  1. lists the resources I have found most useful, following the AIP diet, living in Ireland.
  2. translates American jargon and recipes into language we understand, ingredients we know, ingredients that are readily available, described in quantities we recognise and can weigh out.
  3. shares my weekly meal plans and shopping lists to create varied, affordable meal plans that my whole family can eat with me.

As I trawled through the web, I decided to blog my experience, in the hope that, if you are living in Ireland and want to follow the paleo AIP diet and lifestyle, I could save you some time and effort. Blogging my experience is also a great motivating factor for me. It gives me the sense that I’m not the only crazy Irish person trying this approach and gives a sense of worth to the hours I’ve spent researching how to follow this approach in Ireland.

The Aim of This Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) Blog

I really believe in keeping life simple. Some elements of the AIP lifestyle really feed into this approach, like more sleep, fresh air, and fresh homemade food.  But then other parts seem more complicated to me, like cooking ingredients that can only be sourced from the web or specialised suppliers. When things start to get that complicated I think of my mum, with rheumatoid arthritis and I know there is no way she’d follow this approach if it required buying ingredients on the web. So my aim is a simplified approach to the paleo auto-immune protocol by using easily resourced, reasonably priced Irish produce to improve my ulcerative colitis. It can be done! If I can’t buy the ingredients in my local grocers, butchers or supermarket, I make something different. If this approach suits you, check out my weekly meal plans, shopping lists and recipes for inspiration. Or maybe you can share with me your recipes that follow this approach.

I hope this blog will be of value to you, so together we can stick with this and eat ourselves better. x

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