Week 1 AIP Elimination Phase Meal Plan

AIP Elimination Phase Meal Plan and Shopping List

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So I’ve started! I tried to keep my AIP protocol meals close to what I would have typically made; meat, potatoes and veg, curry, stir-fry. Still I feel this week, all my free time was spent in the kitchen. I’m hoping this will get better as the weeks go on and I get to know some of these AIP recipes. I thought the bone broth sounded fancy but its just home-made stock, like my granny used to make. Its pretty easy to do, get it to simmering and then leave it alone for hours. I think it made all the meals tastier and creates a delicious aroma in the house. I made a big pot of bone broth at the start of the week. I also made my breakfast supplies, which I stored in lunch-boxes in the fridge. This amounts to mini batch cooking and was well worth the effort! It was a life saver in the mornings when trying to get myself and my 2 toddlers out the door.  If you’re not sure about AIP batch cooking, there’s a good you tube video on batch cooking by the autoimmune wellness team that’s well worth a watch.

So this is my AIP meal plan for this week, let me know what you think. x

Click for PDF version of Week 1 AIP Elimination Phase Meal Plan and Shopping List


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Smoothie Roast chicken salad Boiled Ham with sauteed leeks and parsnip spaghetti
Tuesday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Butternut squash and rosemary soup Prawn curry with cauliflower rice
Wednesday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Prawn curry with cauliflower rice Mince stew with cauliflower and parsnip mash
Thursday Smoothie Mince stew with ‘baked’ sweet potato Turkey stir-fry with courgette noodles
Friday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Turkey stir-fry with courgette noodles Fish and chips
Saturday Smoothie Sweet potato toast with bacon and avocado Steak and steamed veg
Sunday Pan-fried liver with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Lettuce wraps with beef filling Roast Lamb with roasted veg

AIP Shopping List

(This AIP shopping list is for two adults. Generally, I make dinners for 4 people and use the left overs for lunch.)

AIP shopping list week1

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