Week 2 AIP Elimination Phase Meal Plan

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So week 2 of the AIP protocol! The enthusiasm of the first week is still here and I’m getting used to eating ‘dinner’ for breakfast. This week I tried one ‘new’ recipe for me: Moroccan chicken. My 3 year old loved that she was able to eat apricots, usually a treat, as part of her dinner. The rest of the meals were again what we would have typically eaten but of course, AIP/paleo style. The first week I went without any snacks. I cracked this week and had some fruit between meals. Maybe when I get used to this way of eating I won’t feel so hungry between meals.

Here’s my AIP meal plan for this week, let me know what you think. x

Click for PDF version of AIP Meal Plan and Shopping List Week 2



Monday Left over roast

with vegetable hash and sauerkraut

Mackerel salad Moroccan Chicken with cauliflower couscous
Tuesday Smoothie Moroccan Chicken with cauliflower couscous Irish Stew with champ
Wednesday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Irish Stew with champ Ginger Salmon on  noodles with stir-fry veg
Thursday Smoothie Chicken Vegetable Soup Turkey, bacon ‘carbonara’
Friday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Chicken Vegetable Soup Pizza napoletana and garlic potatoes
Saturday Smoothie Liver pate and slaw filled lettuce cups Roast ham and steamed veg
Sunday Sweet potato toast with bacon and avocado Roast ham salad Lasagna and green salad

AIP Shopping List

(This AIP shopping list is for two adults. Generally, I make dinners for 4 people and use the left overs for lunch the next day.)

AIP shopping list week 2

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