Week 8 AIP Elimination Phase Meal Plan

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WOHOO this is my final week on the AIP elimination phase. I’m going to take the plunge and next week start the AIP reintroduction phase. I’m so glad I’ve taken this path. I’m totally in the routine of prepping and making the broth, sauerkraut and breakfast vegetable and burgers at the start of the week. I hardly have to look at the recipes for those anymore. Some days have been very tough. I have missed chocolate and coffee. Tea and biscuits were a ritual at work and at home after dinner, after the bed-time routine. That was a big change, it felt a bit like lent but with no promise of an Easter egg 🙁 But for all I’ve missed, in food, sleeping loads really suits me. And I’ve really enjoyed developing recipes and experimenting with alternative ingredients to make recipes AIP elimination phase complainant. But more than all that, I feel well. No head-colds, no flus, no bugs. My UC is behaving and I have energy. I feel like I could run 26 miles (I won’t just yet!). I’m also trying to be grateful for and enjoy all the progress I’ve made so far. 1 thing at a time!
This week I ate (included within the shopping list):

Smoothies made from avocado, kale, carrots, ginger, apples and pineapple.

Breakfast hash from: 2 beetroot, 2 onions, 2 sweet potato, 2 courgette.

I also ran out of sauerkraut this week so I brought a white cabbage to make another batch.

Tips for the Week

I reserved about ¼ of the no-mato sauce from the bolognese to cover the pizza base. If you don’t think that leaves enough sauce for the 2 bolognese dinners add extra ingredients to the shopping list to make extra sauce but cook the no-mato sauce in one batch. It kept fine in the fridge for 4 days, in fact the time just seemed to let the flavours develop.

Another tip for this week is to make all the AIP spuds in one batch. I even used this mash for making the potato farls rather than just using parsnips.

This is what I ate this week. Let me know what you think! x

For a pdf version click Paleo-AIP Meal Plan and Shopping List Week 8

Monday Smoothie Carrot and coriander soup Baked trout with steamed broccoli/carrots/parsnips
Tuesday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Carrot and coriander soup Bolognese and courgette spaghetti
Wednesday Smoothie Bolognese with baked sweet potato Chicken in creamy tarragon sauce with cauliflower rice
Thursday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Chicken in creamy tarragon sauce with cauliflower rice Roast ham with colcannon, broccoli, red onion and mushrooms
Friday Smoothie Roast ham with colcannon, broccoli, red onion and mushrooms Parma ham and rocket pizza, chips and green salad
Saturday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Tuna salad Steak and chips with sautéed onions and salad
Sunday Homemade Burgers  with kale and sweet potato hash Pan fried chicken liver with mushrooms on AIP potato farls Garlic duck with sautéed leeks  and mash


Paleo-AIP shopping list week 8
Paleo-AIP shopping list week 8

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