Is Irish Beef Grass Fed?

Eating a paleo diet in Ireland I’ve recently started eating a paleo diet. More specifically, the auto-immune protocol AIP paleo diet to help with my auto-immune disease; ulcerative colitis. The paleo diet recommends eating pasture fed meat including grass-fed beef and lamb. Living in Ireland, this posed a question for me. If I buy Irish […]

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About Me


Hi. I’m Christina. I’m mum to my two beautiful girls and wife to my gorgeous hubby. I work full time as a physicist and I love to run. I live a pretty ordinary life. I love it being ordinary. I hate drama. Living with ulcerative colitis Almost six year ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. With the […]

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  IRISH & UK PALEO & AIP WEBSITES/BLOGS A UK blog for AIP, paleo recipes. Particularly delicious curries!  Some recipes and consultancy to help follow the paleo diet in Ireland.  This site gives help on following the paleo diet in the UK. So although not specific for the autoimmune paleo (AIP) […]

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About this paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) blog

About this blog title

Hi. My name’s Christina. I’ve just started the AIP diet and lifestyle and so far I’m feeling better than I have for a long time. Already, there are amazing blogs out there full of How and why this stricter form of the paleo diet works to help autoimmune disease sufferers. Helpful tips and advice of how […]

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What is AIP?

What is AIP title

AIP is a lifestyle. For me it meant PHASE 1: Elimination More sleep Less stress Less strenuous exercise More fresh air Elimination of gut irritating food. This is the “elimination phase”. Basically this phase allows your body/gut time and the fuel to heal itself.   PHASE 2: Re-introduction Next is the “reintroduction phase” which involves More […]

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