Week 5 AIP Elimination Phase Meal Plan

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To be honest, this week I’m starting to wain with the elimination diet. This is hard work. Is AIP worth all the effort? Am I actually feeling any better or is that just in my head? On the up side I created my own version of the no-mato sauce with a real acidic hit  and  I created a ‘white sauce’ this week. Two major triumphs! Basically all meals I used to eat are now possible. But still, spending this much time in the kitchen makes my previous gluten free lifestyle seem so simple!

This is what I ate this week. What do you think? x

Click for a pdf version of Meal Plan and Shopping List Week 5


Monday Smoothie Left over roast with mushroom soup Steak and kidney pie
Tuesday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Steak and kidney pie Prawn curry
Wednesday Smoothie Prawn curry Chicken, bacon and leek pasta
Thursday Homemade Burgers with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Chicken, bacon and leek pasta Baked Fish with steamed veg
Friday Smoothie Roasted butternut squash and leek soup Bacon mushroom and red onion pizza, chips and salad
Saturday Homemade Burgers   with vegetable hash and sauerkraut Roasted butternut squash and leek soup Bolognese and parsnip spaghetti
Sunday Homemade Burgers  with kale and sweet potato hash Baked sweet potato with bolognese and salad Roast chicken

with roasted veg

AIP Shopping List

This shopping list is for 2 adults.

shopping list week 5
shopping list week 5

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