IRISH & UK PALEO & AIP WEBSITES/BLOGS A UK blog for AIP, paleo recipes. Particularly delicious curries!  Some recipes and consultancy to help follow the paleo diet in Ireland.  This site gives help on following the paleo diet in the UK. So although not specific for the autoimmune paleo (AIP) diet, it does have some good advice/recipes and loads of info explaining American jargon and meat labelling.  A site selling paleo meat. Even if like me you don’t fancy buying your meat online, the ‘facts’ section has really useful information comparing their farming practices to that of ‘supermarkets’.


AMERICAN PALEO AND AIP WEBSITES/BLOGS  This is where I got started. Angie and Mickey provide loads of recipes, guides to get you started and help to keep you going. They have a really useful vlog on batch cooking and a really brilliant question/answer section on what foods you can/can’t eat. The American jargon does needs some translating and some of the ingredients and snacks are not readily available in Ireland but you could probably get them off the web if you really want.  This is the basis of the AIP diet and lifestyle. Sarah Ballantyne is the guru of this approach. She has read all the literature, written the books. Her site gives you all the details, backed up with scientific evidence/studies, of how and why this approach works. She also provides recipes and getting started guides. A must read.  This site has a good range of recipes, round ups of recipes and tips and hints for both diet and lifestlye. It’s a good, solid, practical site.  Another American site. This site has some really good, simple recipes.



The Paleo Approach I haven’t actually bought this yet. So far I’ve just used all the free resources available on the web. But it’s first on my wish list and going by the paleo mom’s website it promises to be a good read and useful resource.


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