What is AIP?

What is AIP title

AIP is a lifestyle. For me it meant

PHASE 1: Elimination

  1. More sleep
  2. Less stress
  3. Less strenuous exercise
  4. More fresh air
  5. Elimination of gut irritating food.

This is the “elimination phase”. Basically this phase allows your body/gut time and the fuel to heal itself.


PHASE 2: Re-introduction

Next is the “reintroduction phase” which involves

  1. More sleep
  2. Less stress
  3. Less strenuous exercise
  4. More fresh air
  5. Reintroduction of potentially gut irritating food.

This “reintroduction phase” seems like personalised medicine to me. If a food is an irritant to your gut, you eliminate it again. If its not, you can continue to eat it. Even if a food initially is an irritant, this doesn’t mean you have to eliminate it for life. Over time, your gut continues to heal so can you try reintroduce initially irritating foods.


PHASE 3: Maintenance

The final stage is maintenance.

  1. Maintain sleeping pattern
  2. Maintain a stress free life
  3. Maintain appropriate exercise regime
  4. Maintain daily intake of fresh air
  5. Maintain personalised diet

The overall goal of this AIP lifestyle is to get and maintain a healthy gut. A healthy gut will give a strong immune system. A strong immune system will give a healthy body. And health is everything: more energy, more quality time with my family. This is what I want.


This is just a quick summary of my understanding of the AIP lifestyle. The Paleo Mom, Sarah Ballantyne, is the expert. Her book, “The Paleo Approach” and blog are all really worth reading, if like me, this approach to health just makes sense. The Autoimmune Wellness Team also got me started. Their getting started guide answers so many of those initial practical questions. Also their blog really goes into detail about what you can and can’t eat.

What does the AIP lifestyle mean to you?

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